Kanzler Vineyard

Photo of Kanzler Vineyards

The estate vineyard, planted in 1996, was one of the first vineyards developed in the hills southwest of Sebastopol in Western Sonoma County. The 20 acre parcel was formerly an apple orchard. The soils are Gold Ridge sandy loam on a clay base. The site is situated on a gentle east-facing slope, in a banana-belt micro-climate. Typical weather during the growing season is bright sunny days, afternoon breezes and cool, foggy nights.


Photo of Grape Clusters

The vineyard's certified 667, 115 and Pommard clones of Pinot Noir are planted on rootstocks specifically chosen for soil type and vigor. The 667 delivers powerful fruit flavors of dark cherry, black raspberry and strawberry. Clone 115 adds complexity and the Pommard contributes wonderful aromas of violet and lavender and a luscious mouth feel.

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Because of the high demand, Kanzler Vineyards Pinot Noir is tightly allocated and only members of our mailing list can purchase wine directly from the winery. If you are interested in purchasing our wines, click here.


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